“This spa hair wrap has transformed my shower experience! The textured cotton is soft and wonderfully absorbent (but not at all bulky). I wrap my hair in it then twist it down the back and secure the end of the wrap in the attached elastic. It never topples off my head or tug at my hair while I put moisturizer on. And since they absorb excess water, blow-drying is, thankfully, a much shorter process. These spa wraps are also great to gently keep your hair out of your way when applying makeup, wearing a mud mask, or getting a massage.”

- Robin McGraw, Author, Speaker, and wife of Dr. Phil McGraw

“SolReya Wraps are a complete joy to have as an upscale amenity in our guest room baths; our guests at Chatham Gables Inn adore them, and many purchase one to take home with them!  Placing SolReya Wraps in guest baths also helps in housekeeping department, as guests are not using as many large towels each day!  We love to see the smile on our guests’ faces when SolReya Wraps are pointed out during guest room check ins!  Thank you, Jane!  Chatham Gables Inn will be using SolReya Wraps forever!”

Andrea Smith, Co-owner of Chatham Gables Inn

“If you wrap your hair in a towel post-shower, the SolReya Spa Wrap is for you. There are never enough towels in my hotel room at all but the most luxe properties so having a SolReya Spa Wrap in my suitcase makes sense. It takes up the same amount of valuable suitcase space as a cotton t-shirt. In three easy steps – position, twist, fasten/adjust – the soft cotton waffle weave wrap is in place, drying hair or protecting it from makeup while you finish getting ready.”

- Michele McIntyre, Freelance writer

“Treat yourself to the luxury of a spa experience in the comfort of your own home with the SolReya Spa Wrap. If you wrap your hair with a bulky towel after you wash your hair, then you will love the SolReya Hair Wrap. This luxurious wrap is made of 100% richly textured cotton. The design provides full head and hair coverage for most hair lengths and fits most head shapes and sizes.”

- Heather, Sweet Deals 4 Moms

“Amazing product! I use mine everyday. Facials, hot tub, make-up application, or just sitting around after my shower without a heavy towel on my head. The softest stay put product available for your hair by far!”

-Paige HaughtOwner of Northend Nail Design


I love the SolReya hair wrap and the freedom it gives me for running around town after a massage without thinking about oil being in my hair from my massage. The wrap is soft and easy to use, stays in place and I can use it at home when I get out of the shower, for applying makeup or facial masks. Thanks Jane for making such a wonderful item and sharing it with all of us.

-Michelle Musser, V.P. of Operations Spa Development Int’l.


Casa de Campo Spa is so happy to have SolReya Wraps in the Dominican Republic, they have been a great product for our spa, 100% cotton texture it makes it super comfortable to use everyday in our Signature Facials and guests LOVE them! A plus is that they can be able to take it home with them as they can find them at the Spa Boutique and as is like a travel size, is easy for them to take more than one! A plus is also that can be washed and dried in a machine.

-Arabelle del Pilar Rosario, Spa Manager at Gerente Spa

“I have had my SolReya  Spa wrap for over two years. I have long hair and it absolutely wicks the moisture out which minimizes the time I have to spend with the damaging hair dryer. My hair is healthier because I spend 1/3 the time drying it with the hair dryer.”

- Nanette Ford, P.A.C Family Medicine and Wellness, Sun Valley, ID

“I love my SolReya spa wrap. I have used mine daily for a couple of years, replacing the heavy towel turban. The quality soft material is comfortable and absorbs moisture so I have less blow-drying for my longish hair. I use the wrap when I am washing my face, putting on makeup, and even as a cap in the shower. My husband thinks I am really cute in my SolReya.”

- Melissa Huntretired teacher


“Solreya’s spa wrap is luxurious, soft and fits eloquently. It adds that extra touch of class to any spa. When you look around at the spa guests, you want to be a part of the scene. Solreya’s hair wraps, do just that, they make you feel like you belong in the pampering community of luxury.”

-Deborah Hardee Resort and Spa Photography


“The towel I received from SolReya is very luxurious feeling and really allows for a feel of pampering! It is light and does not weigh down your head! Even though it is made of a thinner feeling cotton, it dries my hair super fast! It is also much easier to use than a traditional towel. You simply place it on your head, twirl it, and fasten it with the little button on the back.”

-Paige V Blogger at Top Notch Material