1. Will SolReya Spa Wrap cover all hair lengths and fit all head shapes and sizes?

Our spa wrap is designed to cover most hair lengths and fit most head shapes and sizes. Buttons and loops allow you to adjust the fit and create a secure hold.

2. What can I expect the SolReya Spa Wrap to cover?

Our unique design provides full head and hair coverage for most hair lengths. The spa wrap provides a hygienic environment and helps keep hair free from product application. Clients can feel more confident their hair is clean post treatment.

3. How do I wash and dry SolReya Spa Wrap?

SolReya Spa Wraps can be cleaned like normal cotton fabrics in a traditional washer and dryer. However, if a commercial laundry is used, we recommend our snap rather than button version.

4. Will the SolReya Spa Wrap shrink?

The spa wrap will experience shrinkage that is typical for 100% cotton fabrics.

5. What treatments were the SolReya Spa Wrap designed for?

The spa wrap was designed for any professional beauty or relaxation treatment. The hair stays cleaner during massage, facial, and medical skin treatments. Ideal for use when out of the shower, applying makeup or simply keeping the hair back. It easily replaces heavy and awkward towels and will stay perfectly in place.

6. What is the minimum order required for SolReya Spa Wraps?

For spas, salons and professional skin treatment professionals, the minimum bulk order is twelve (12) units. If ordering for a retail space, the minimum order is twelve (12) units. All individually wrapped retail units are elegantly packaged, shelf ready and will make a distinctive impression on your clients.

7. What if I have additional questions not covered on the website?

We would love to hear from you. Simply email us at

8. How can my client or guest lie comfortably on the twisted part of the Spa Wrap during in spa treatments?

Once fastened, your client or guest can lie very comfortably by spreading out the twisted part of the spa wrap at the back of the head.